Amplify Engine Power and Longevity with Lucas Oil Low Viscosity Stabilizer

Lucas Oil Low Viscosity Stabilizer

A Multi-Vitamin for the Modern Engine!

CORONA, Calif. (January 19, 2021) – Lucas Oil Low Viscosity Stabilizer is a premium, synthetic multifunctional oil treatment specifically designed to reduce friction, wear, and dry starts for modern engines. Formulated by Lucas Oil Products, Inc., the American-based manufacturer and distributor of additive and lubricant products, Low Viscosity Stabilizer provides a premium formula for engine oil use and yields various benefits for today’s smaller, more powerful engines.

Lucas Oil’s Low Viscosity Stabilizer is created with a unique blend that reduces engine friction when added to engine oil. This powerful oil treatment also eliminates harmful oil sludge, varnish and carbon to keep your engine clean. Above all, Low Viscosity Stabilizer effectively reduces engine wear, playing a key role in extending the life of your oil and engine.

“We created a product that will accomplish what our original stabilizer has always accomplished, but in the low viscosity engine setting that variable timing and cylinder deactivation engines need. With our Low Viscosity Stabilizer, you’re going to eliminate dry starts and cut engine friction by 40 percent.” said Morgan Lucas, President, Lucas Oil Products. “This product is a modern take on protection and longevity for all forms of modern engines. Whether it’s a hybrid or a high performance vehicle, low viscosity stabilizer gets the job done.”

When used regularly, this stabilizing lubricant keeps motor oil in its original viscosity grade and helps fight against the damaging effects of oil oxidation, eliminating dry engine starts in the process.

When added to engine oil, Low Viscosity Stabilizer achieves the following benefits:

  • Improves fuel economy and power
  • Friction reduction
  • Provides wear reduction
  • Improvement in oxidation resistance
  • Improvement with dispersancy which reduces sludge and varnish
  • Improves used and premium quality motor oil
  • Eliminates dry starts, the #1 cause of wear in new engines

Lucas Oil Low Viscosity Stabilizer is now available at AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, CarQuest, Advance Auto Parts and more!