Kyle Busch’s Stunning Win at Pala Casino 400 Highlights Lucas Oil’s Legacy in Motorsports, RCR Tech Partnership

INDIANAPOLIS (March 16, 2023) – Lucas Oil, primary sponsor of the No. 8 Lucas Oil Chevrolet Camaro and official engine oil supplier to Richard Childress Racing and ECR Engines, helped NASCAR Cup superstar Kyle “Rowdy” Busch dominate the Pala Casino 400 Cup race for the win in Fontana, Calif. Feb. 26. In his first year with Richard Childress Racing, Busch won in just his second start with the iconic team, notching his 61st career Cup victory, the most among active drivers and ninth all time. He also achieved another milestone by earning at least one Cup victory the past 19 consecutive seasons, eclipsing Richard “The King” Petty who won races in 18 straight seasons between 1960 and 1977.

Lucas Oil, RCR and ECR Engines announced just prior to the race an enhanced technical and developmental partnership between all three organizations for the 2023 race season. Lucas Oil has served as the official motor oil for both RCR and ECR Engines since 2014, helping drivers reach victory lane 21 times as part of this storied partnership.

“It was just a completely different feeling of a race car than what I had here last year,” Kyle Busch told Fox Sports after climbing from the No. 8 Lucas Oil Chevrolet Camaro. “I’ve been with a lot of great people that have given me a lot of great opportunities in my career, so it’s awesome to be able to reward them.”

Since 2014, expert scientists and technicians at Lucas Oil have been in lockstep with RCR and ECR to refine the perfect engine oil blend capable of drawing out every competitive advantage possible. The teams test engines in simulators and real-world racing scenarios capturing hundreds of data points to measure and find areas of improvement.

“We couldn’t be more proud of Kyle’s performance and the entire RCR team. This win is reaffirmation of our commitment to motorsports and continued partnership with exceptional race teams like RCR and ECR Engines. It was a blast to be trackside with the crew and see that beautiful Lucas Oil paint scheme with No. 8 on its side, Lucas Oil in its engine, and Rowdy himself in the driver’s seat to dominate the competition. This win is only the beginning; records are about to be smashed.” – Brandon Bernstein, Director of Partnership Marketing

The partnership with RCR and ECR Engines, and other motorsports teams, has helped shape the current line of Lucas Racing Only synthetic and synthetic-blend engine oils trusted by professional and grassroots race teams around the world. Each product offered in the Lucas Racing Only line utilizes a unique combination of chemical components, lubricants and other additives to achieve superior performance and protection under the extreme and demanding conditions that exist in the most competitive racing scenarios.

A similar balance of lubricants designed to mitigate friction and improve performance and durability in racing motor oil is at work in all Lucas Oil general automotive oils and treatments. By using Lucas Oil, vehicle owners can reap the same benefits as NASCAR Cup Series race cars – superior engine protection, better engine performance, extended oil life, high temperature and wear resistance, and enhanced engine cleanliness.

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