Lucas Oil Hosts Online Viewing Party for Motorsports Fans

Lucas Oil Tailgate Party

CORONA, Calif. (April 1, 2020) – With motorsports enthusiasts all revved up to get back to racing, Lucas Oil Products is giving race fans exactly what they want – racing! Though all live events are still on hold for the time being, Lucas Oil’s new Tailgate Party will broadcast daily replays of past races – from the door banging action of Lucas Oil Off Road Racing to the high-speed battles of Circle Track – on the official Lucas Oil Facebook page.

“Times are tough for race fans right now. A lot of live events are either being postponed or canceled altogether. We at Lucas Oil wanted to give race fans something to smile about – a glimmer of hope that we will all be back at the track soon enough,” said Russell Rosenwirth Lucas Oil Social Media Coordinator. “I’m excited to provide some past races to our fans so we can at least gather in our living rooms and feel a little bit of normalcy during all this craziness.”

The race broadcasts began Saturday, March 28th with a replay of the 2017 Cowboy Classic from Lucas Oil Speedway. Future replays will air every day at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET with each day catering to a specific style of racing. And after each race, fans get a chance to vote for what they want to see next week. All broadcasts will also live on Lucas’ Facebook page so fans can have access to their favorite races regardless of the day or time.

Lucas Oil Tailgate Party Schedule:

Monday: Off Road
Tuesday: Pro Pulling
Wednesday: Late Model
Thursday: On The Edge!
Friday: Sprint Car
Saturday: Lucas Oil Speedway Saturday Night Racing
Sunday: Circle Track (Mods, SLR, ARCA)

Visit Lucas Oil Products on Facebook to watch for favorite races from years past today!