Lucas Transmission Fix Stands Out As One of Company’s Most Popular and Effective Products for Saving Time, Money and Transmissions

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (Feb. 7, 2024) Over the years, Lucas Oil has helped millions of drivers extend the life of their vehicles with a vast selection of premium oils and additives. From giant 18-wheel tractor trailers to the family minivan and everything in between, Lucas Oil products have helped these types of vehicles run better and last longer. One product however, Lucas Transmission Fix, has reached legendary status because of its ability to fix and breathe new life into even the most worn transmissions.

The popular car buying site Kelly Blue Book reports that vehicles with proper maintenance, including regular transmission fluid changes, can last well over 200,000 miles before needing major repairs. However, even before reaching that mileage milestone, many drivers still experience some of the dreaded symptoms of a failing transmission – hard shifts, loud noises and of course, slipping.

Signs of a faulty transmission often means a trip to a repair shop and lighter wallet but luckily, that’s not always the case. Many transmission problems can be addressed by just a single application of Lucas Transmission Fix. When added to a transmission, it immediately mixes with the existing fluid to rejuvenate old, worn internal components like clutch plates, seals, and valves and more to provide smoother shifts, better gear engagement and overall better driveability.

While some transmissions are beyond additives and truly in need of major repairs, nearly all transmissions can greatly benefit from Lucas Transmission Fix.

Safe, Effective and Feature Rich:   

  • Proven extremely effective in nearly all applications
  • Contains no solvents
  • Reduces operating temperatures and stops foaming
  • Can be used as a problem solver or a problem preventer
  • Thick viscosity to help revitalize seals, gaskets, clutch plates and more
  • Increases fluid pressure
  • Compatible with synthetic or conventional transmission fluid
  • Safe for all cars and transmissions, except Constant Velocity Transmissions (CVT)
  • Will not void new car warranties
  • Smoother and more accurate shifting
  • Makes transmission feel more responsive
  • Helps seal worn solenoids in transmission valve bodies
  • Safe for old and new transmissions

“Our catalog has really grown over the years and of all the amazing products we offer, Lucas Transmission Fix is still a top seller because it does what it says it does – fixes old, worn out transmissions,” said Brandon Greene, Vice President of Customer Solutions at Lucas Oil. “Many transmissions show signs of wear, but aren’t in need of a full rebuild and that’s where our Transmission Fix comes in. It can help breathe new life into an older transmission to provide several more years of smooth driving.”

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