Preventive Maintenance and Quality Products Key to Successful HD Trucking and Fleet Management Practices

Lucas Oil HD Trucking

INDIANAPOLIS (March 29, 2023) – Companies operating commercial vehicles want the most out of their fleets, which is why for more than 30 years, fleet managers around the world have relied on Lucas Oil products to keep their vehicles running strong. Founded with the simple philosophy of producing the very best lubricants and additives available anywhere, Lucas Oil products improve performance, reduce friction and heat and improve fuel mileage in all driving conditions. Today, more fleet managers than ever are turning to Lucas Oil to keep vehicles in operation longer than ever due to the rising costs of replacing older fleet vehicles.

It’s widely known that commercial vehicles are generally subject to more wear and tear than typical passenger vehicles and because of that, a comprehensive preventive maintenance program that includes Lucas Oil products is recommended to not only help extend a vehicle’s life cycle, but also reduce operating costs. With more than 300 different oils, additives, greases, problem solvers, and appearance products to choose from, fleet managers have access to a wide selection of Lucas Oil products to incorporate into their preventive maintenance programs.

Preventive Maintenance: Key Step to Preventing Future Problems

Regularly changing fluids and other lubricants is a critical aspect to maintaining a fleet of vehicles. Whether maintaining a handful of small delivery vehicles or dozens of massive tractor trailers, following regular maintenance intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers ensures the least amount of wear and tear on internal engine components, suspension components, chassis parts and more. However, fleet managers looking to add an extra layer of protection frequently reach for Lucas Oil products because of the way they perform and because they meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. Some products include:

  • Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer – One of Lucas Oil’s marquee products, the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is a pure petroleum multi-use oil supplement that controls noise, heat and wear in engine crankcases, manual transmissions and differentials. Lucas Oil Stabilizer is formulated to eliminate dry starts and reduce friction, heat and wear in any type of engine or gearbox. Since it’s a pure petroleum product, it can safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, even synthetics, automatic transmission fluids (ATF) and mineral oils. It keeps old engines alive and new engines new.
  • Fuel Treatment – Formulated for both gasoline and diesel engines, Lucas Oil Upper Cylinder Fuel Treatment is a powerful blend of oils and additives that contain no solvents and is designed to increase power and fuel mileage while lowering exhaust emissions through a more complete combustion process. Added to the vehicle’s fuel system, it is a blend of super slick oils and additives with a high detergent that cleans and lubricates the fuel system and injectors allowing the fuel to burn more thoroughly for increased power and less fuel consumption.
  • Gear Oil – Most fleet vehicles haul and tow heavy loads which means gearboxes, differentials and transfer cases need the highest levels of protection. Lucas Oil’s gear oils, which are available in several different weights, are fortified with special anti-wear agents and lubricity agents to control wear and drag as well as special additives to control heat. These features are not found in ordinary gear oils and because of that, these gear oils are both excellent for race cars and any heavy-duty application where plain gear oils just aren’t good enough. Lucas Gear Oils are available in conventional and synthetic formulas.
  • Cetane Power Booster – Lucas Cetane Power Booster is a diesel fuel supplement that contains specific lubricants for the high-pressure fuel injection pump used in diesel engines. In addition to more power, increased MPG, easier startups and a cleaner idle, the Cetane Power Booster produces cleaner exhaust, longer fuel filter life, and longer engine life. It adds much needed cleaners and lubricants to the diesel fuel and reduces wear by nearly 30 percent than fuels without an additive.

“My family’s rich heritage in the trucking industry is why many of our earliest products were designed specifically to help long-haul truckers keep their trucks in top condition. That legacy continues, and is the reason we are the exclusive product used by so many fleet managers around the world,” said Morgan Lucas, President of Lucas Oil. “We understand first-hand the incredible stress put on today’s fleet vehicles, and the need for maximum efficiency, which is why those managing fleets and fleet maintenance should consider Lucas Oil products as part of their preventive maintenance routine. They consistently outperform all other oils and additives on the market and provide thousands of dollars in savings over the life of a vehicle. Millions trust our products to perform in the most extreme conditions, and that’s exactly what they do – day-in and day-out.”

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