Understanding Importance of Year-Round Fuel System Maintenance – Lucas Oil Fuel System Products add MPGs, Performance and Peace of Mind

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (March 19, 2024) Fuel systems in today’s vehicles are more reliable and durable than they’ve ever been, but the fact remains that if not properly maintained, they can fail. Experts frequently talk about the importance of properly maintaining several different parts of a car or truck, but the one that is not mentioned as often is the fuel system. As one of its most critical components, a vehicle’s fuel system can degrade over time because of dirty fuel, a buildup of deposits and other factors that cause problems like poor fuel mileage, hard starts, and a loss of power, among others.

Preventive maintenance for fuel systems is just as important as regular oil changes and if ignored, a dirty fuel system can negatively affect a vehicle’s reliability and drivability. The good thing, however, is that using one of Lucas Oil’s many fuel system products can effectively clean years of deposits from the gas tank to the engine, improving the performance of just about any vehicle. It’s also one of the easiest car care products to use, just fill it up, pour it in and drive.

What Exactly Is a Fuel System?
While there are small differences depending on the vehicle, the main components of today’s fuel systems include a fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines, injectors and intake valves. The fuel in the tank is pumped through all these components to eventually be burned in the engine. If any of these components fail or degrade significantly, the entire system fails.

So How Do Fuel System Cleaners Work?
The inconsistent quality of today’s gasoline and diesel fuels means it often contains dirt, sediment and other foreign substances that can build up in a fuel system requiring it to work harder and less efficiently. However, fuel system cleaners like Lucas Oil’s Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner are specially formulated and contain a proprietary blend of cleaning agents and lubricants that remove built-up deposits throughout the fuel system, and provide valuable lubrication for moving parts like fuel pumps, injectors and valves.

As soon as it’s poured into the fuel tank, it conditions the fuel to “clean as you drive” allowing fuel to flow more efficiently to create a more complete combustion process in the engine. Simply put, Lucas Oil’s entire line of fuel system products are like a “multivitamin for a vehicle,” helping to keep the fuel system clean, lubricated and operating at peak performance.

Benefits of Regular Fuel System Maintenance:  

  • Improves gas mileage
  • Increases power
  • Lowers emissions
  • Improves throttle response
  • Reduces misfires, knocking and hesitation
  • Lubricates fuel pumps, injectors, valves, carburetors and piston rings
  • Reduces wear to help extend the life of critical fuel system components

When and How Often Should Fuel System Cleaners Be Used?
Just like daily multivitamins, Lucas Fuel System additives can be used with every fill up. It is recommended the fuel system maintenance process begins with a bottle of Lucas Oil Deep Fuel System Cleaner to start breaking down years of deposits on injectors, valves and other components.

After the deep clean, it is recommended that Lucas Oil Upper Cylinder Lubricant or High Mileage Fuel Treatment be used with every fill up, or every few fill ups to continue the cleaning process and prevent deposits from building up. A bottle of Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner is recommended once every three months to keep the fuel system operating in peak condition. Lucas Oil has several additional fuel system products that can be integrated into regular maintenance routine. 

Fuel System Products for Every Application
While many of Lucas Oil’s Fuel System products are universal, some are specially formulated for different applications. These are some of Lucas Oil’s most popular fuel system products, and a complete list of products can be found at 

  • High Mileage Fuel Treatment – For use use in vehicles with more than 75,000 miles
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricant – For use in all gas and diesel engines with every fill up
  • Complete Engine Treatment – Powerful cleaner for use in all gas and diesel engines
  • Fuel Stabilizer – Prevents the breakdown of gasoline for vehicles and equipment in storage
  • Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner – For use to address issues resulting in the use of ethanol-based fuels like E-10, E-15 and E-85
  • Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner – Eliminates knocking and pinging while raising MPG and performance

“We believe basic fuel system maintenance is something anyone should be able to do with confidence and ease, and we are especially proud of how our fuel system cleaners have helped keep vehicles running strong for more than 30 years,” said Brandon Greene, Vice President of Customer Solutions for Lucas Oil. “By adding a bottle of fuel system cleaner or other Lucas Oil product, you can drive with peace of mind knowing your fuel system is working at its best, keeping you driving for miles and miles with reliable performance, better gas mileage and lower emissions.”

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